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More than just book fairs, Readola Unites is your Open Resource Reading Solution

Featuring fun and educational tools like the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection, Books on Tour and Reading Roadmaps, Readola creates a customized reading list based on a student's reading level - not age!

Readola eliminates the need for expensive reading programs and proprietary material by utilizing award nominated titles already on most library shelves. Plus, most titles are available through leading eBook subscription services (such as Sora).If you need to purchase the award nominated titles featured in the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection, Readola offers educator discounts. 

In addition to all of that, Readola includes an optional self-funding mechanism featuring built in tools to create your own Book-a-Thon with 100% of the donations benefiting your school. Perfect for individual classrooms, home school reading plans, or even school-wide community outreach!

Is Readola a fundraiser? Yes, it can be with our innovative Book-a-Thon (some call it a readathon) system. Unlike other fundraisers, Readola Book-a-thons put the focus on kids reading (instead of selling stuff). Unlike other readathons, Readola focuses on award winning books. Also, we can create a Virtual Book Fair for your school.

Does Readola have to be a fundraiser? No, you can utilize Readola's unique programs such as Books On Tour, Reading Roadmaps and Curriculum Packs without hosting a fundraiser. Contact us to find out how. 

What's the difference between Readola Classroom Connections and Scholastic Book Club flyers? Quality of titles and teacher rewards. 

Can we add Readola to our current book fair program? Absolutely! Readola's award winning titles are a great compliment to commercialized book fair titles. Raise money with a Book-a-Thon, then give all students a voucher to spend at your book fair.

Who is Scout? Scout the Reading Retriever is Readola's Virtual Library Assistant. Scout is a fun way to encourage students to explore the thousands of titles available in the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection.


Reading Takes You Places!

Why can't I see any books listed? How do I know what books are included in the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection? We ask that everyone register to access the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection. Once your account has been verified, you will have 100% access to all titles, updates of new lists, unlimited Reading Roadmaps and complimentary customer support.

Is Readola owned by a publishing company? How do we know your recommendations are unbiased? Readola has zero financial interest in any title listed. Readola owns none of the titles listed, so all recommendations are unbiased and based on a specific criteria.

Why do you use Lexiles for grouping reading levels? You wouldn't buy your student a shoe based on their grade, right? We encourage you to find books that fit your student's reading level, not age. With a Lexile Level, your student can create a Reading Roadmap (in the appropriate reading levels) from the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection. Lexiles are a widely used assessment, easily convertible into other standards. Instead of broad age groupings, Readola aims to provide students and their families with targeted recommendations. *If you prefer to select titles by grade level, or another assessment type, feel free to use our handy Conversion ChartPlease remember your student’s ability and interest can easily cross into levels slightly above and below their assessment or age.  

My students don't like what they consider "heavy literature". What's available for them? One of the many advantages of Readola is the broad selection for all interests and abilities. Do your student's like graphic novels? There's a large selection of the best. Non-fiction, too.

How much does it cost our school to use the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection? There is no cost to students, families or teachers. If a school chooses to utilize Readola and the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection as part of their curriculum, there is a small resource fee to cover expenses. Schools can receive access to Readola free as a part of their Book-a-Thon. 

We just want to use just Reading Roadmaps and curriculum. Can we hide the prices of the books? Absolutely. Pleasecontact Readola to find out how. 

What age group can use Readola? All age groups. More importantly, all reading levels.

Can Readola help our school meet environmental and sustainability goals? Readola uses books already in most libraries. No more stacks of obsolete text books and workbooks! Use ready made lesson plans available through Readola, or find thousands more available online. Books in the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection are timeless - so no need to purchase new materials every year!

Are there any non-fiction titles? The Blue Ribbon Awards Collection, the award nominated titles Readola utilizes, features numerous non-fiction and STEM related books. Included are the National Science Teacher's Association top STEM titles.

My school isn't interested in adopting Readola right now. Can I adopt Readola for just my classroom? Absolutely. Classroom Connections is our teacher focused program that allows you to feature the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection while earning credit for individual classrooms. Easily adopt topflight curriculum that you can even make self funding! 

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page for more details. Ready to begin your reading adventure? Let's Go!


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Unlike old-fashioned fundraisers, Readola Book-A-Thons work hand in hand with your mission to create lifelong readers. And what other fundraiser returns 100% of the proceeds to your classroom, school or organization with the best children's literature available today! Find out more about Book-a-Thons.

Why should you partner with Readola instead of just doing a readathon of your own? We encourage you to host a readathon/book-a-thon, either with Readola or on your own. Here's some reasons why you should consider Readola.  

By rewarding reading, friends and family are dedicating donations to what matters most; helping kids become lifelong learners! Supporters make a small (or big!) donation for each book completed off of the student's Reading Roadmap. It's that simple... Readola Book-A-Thons really are Self Funding Curriculum! All students can participate! 

What are Donation Dogs? Donation Dogs are a way for families and community organizations to make a contribution to the school for literacy improvement. Your student receives a certificate for each $10 donated on their behalf. Visit the Donation Portal for more details.

**Readola now offers simple Funding Drives for your school or non-profit, free of charge! Send a donation link via email, social media or text and receive 100% of all donations back in Reading Rewards! (Sample Page)


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