Frequently asked questions about Readola and Classroom Connections

Why can't I see any books listed? How do I know what books are included in the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection?

We ask that everyone register to access the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection. Once your account has been verified, you will have 100% access to all titles, updates of new lists, unlimited Reading Roadmaps and complimentary customer support.

How much does it cost our school to use the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection?

Readola is offered in affordable packages accessible to all budgets. Family Plans, Individual Classroom and School Wide (unlimited) options are available. Blue Ribbon is building an open source core curriculum. The small cost helps offset our team expense researching and collating the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection. You can also support our research through participation in Classroom Connections.

How can Readola save our school money?

Schools can use Readola to compliment volunteer librarians with professional level expertise. Additionally, Readola provides a multi-discipline (social studies, geography, history, literature, math) curriculum. Schools can use materials already in the library, or available for purchase at a fraction of the cost of proprietary reading programs. 

Is Blue Ribbon owned by a publishing company? How do we know your recommendations are unbiased?

Blue Ribbon started as a small Midwestern book fair company. While searching for the best titles to offer on our fairs, we created a database containing thousands of award nominated books. We built such an extensive collection we thought schools could benefit with access to that vast knowledge base. Blue Ribbon has zero financial interest in any title listed.

Why do you use Lexiles for grouping reading levels?

Lexiles are a widely used method, easily convertible into other standards.


Do we have to purchase books to utilize Readola?

Absolutely not. Readola features award nominated titles, sorted and categorized for ease of use. We suggest finding those titles in your library or classroom. If a title is not available in the library, we have affordable options for adding it to your collection. If a student's family wishes to purchase a book from the collection, that option is available. There is zero obligation to do so.

What age groups is Readola geared towards?

All age groups. More importantly, all reading levels. 


Our school is going to all digital format. How does that work with Readola?

Titles in the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection are commonly available via electronic format. Widely used ebook services likely have all the titles available.

Are there any non-fiction titles?

The Blue Ribbon Awards Collection, the titles Readola is based on, features numerous non-fiction and STEM related books. Included are the National Science Teacher's Association top STEM titles.

My students don't like what they consider "heavy literature". What's available for them?

One of the many advantages of Readola is the broad selection for all interests and abilities. Do your student's like graphic novels? There's a large selection of the best. Non-fiction, too.

My school isn't interested in adopting Readola right now. Can I adopt Readola for just my classroom?

Absolutely. We even have a way for it to be self funding!

What are Donation Dogs? How are they different than gift certificates?

Donation Dogs are a chance for willing sponsors to help defray the cost of Readola. Because of Readola's affordability, just a few sponsors can offset the entire amount. Extra funds can be reinvested in more books for the library or classroom. Gift certificates are an opportunity for family (or sponsors) to purchase a book for their student. And remember, every book is an award nominee!


 What is the difference between Readola and Classroom Connections?

Readola is a school wide (or grade/organization) reading program. Classroom Connections bring the power of Readola to individual classrooms if there is no school-wide adoption. Classroom Connections can be self funding if used as an alternative to monthly book club flyers.

 How does our school make Readola self funding curriculum?

Willing sponsors donate money to encourage students to read. Readola provides your group a customized landing page with an introduction and instructions. There's zero cost and up to 100% of all the proceeds are returned!