A benefit of your school working with Readola for fundraising are the unique tools built in to support your efforts to promote reading. Reading Roadmaps, the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection, Books on Tour as well as the various lesson plans provided make Readola a partner in making students into lifelong readers.

Just like everything else in the classroom, the success of Readola hinges on teacher participation. Especially in today's challenging environment, Readola truly appreciates the time and effort of our school partners. Readola strives to repay that trust by providing the best in children's literature. Our goal is to be part of your instruction plan, not just another fundraiser!


  1. Create your profile.

  2. Build your own Recommended Reading Roadmap from the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection. Then help your students build theirs.

  3. Make sure to click the box to make your list public so students and families can explore your Roadmap.

  4. Do your students know their Lexile reading levels? Total Reader offers free assessments. There are conversion charts for other reading level assessments.

  5. Communicate the link to your classroom community.

  6. Post your student's Donation Dog certificates for each one-hour block of reading. Donation Dog certificates are emailed to students when a supporter makes a donation. Encourage students to bring Donation Dog certificates to school so you can post them in the classroom or hallway. 

Take a few minutes of class time to have students fill out Reading Roadmaps. Remember, all children can participate, there is no purchase necessary. Readola has lesson plans available to tie in the award winning books we feature to your instructional goals.



  1. With the help of your parent, guardian or teacher, find your Lexile assessment. We recommend Total Reader.

  2. With the help of your parent, guardian or teacher, create your own user portal.

  3. Create your Reading Roadmap from over 3000 award nominated titles.

  4. Up for a real adventure? Complete the Books on Tour Challenge!

  5. Bring Donation Dog certificates you receive to school (with your teacher's permission).

Super Tip: Copy and paste the following into your Friday Folder, weekly email, or classroom webpage


Readola Book-A-Thons are a great way to encourage reading at home. Here are some tips to make the most of the opportunity. SPECIAL NOTE: Some upper level books contain advanced concepts, language and situations. Please review your student's list for material not appropriate for their age or your guidance.

  1. Help your student establish their profile.
  2. Take charge of your student's literacy levels throughout their education. Use a service such as Total Reader to reassess your student periodically.
  3. Participate with your student - create your own Roadmap and read along!
  4. Take a moment to review the books your student selects. You may want to come up with a short list of questions to ask about the books your student completes.
  5. Track Your Student's Progress!
  6. Help your student create a list of potential supporters to email requesting a donation to encourage their progress. Donation Dog certificates will be emailed to your account. You are encouraged to print Donation Dog certificates, then students can bring those to school (with their teacher's permission).