Blue Ribbon Book Fair


Blue Ribbon Book Fairs + Readola = A Real Reading Adventure!

Free set up. (Yes we do!)

If you have a lot of space or a little space, each fair is customized to meet your available space. You won't have to work around stacks of boxes during book fair week, either. Check out some of our set ups here and here. Send us a picture of your space and we'll send you a suggested set up.

Free pack up. (Yes that too!)

You're tired after the book fair, now you have to pack it all up? Not with Blue Ribbon. Just close up your cash register and count your money, we'll pack up everything. Plus, the fair won't be sitting in your school for days while you wait for the truck to pick up, we'll get everything out right away.

Teacher Discounts

We say thank you to your teachers with a substantial discount off of our already low prices. Plus, free Readola Unites teaching tools.

STEM and STEAM categories in every fair

We integrate Applied Science, Future Tech, Natural World and Art+Design categories in every book fair.

You say NO JUNK, we'll send you NO JUNK

If you're tired of students buying nothing but trinkets, all you have to do is say the word and we'll leave the junk out. Because we set up for you, if there's an item you don't like, we'll pack it up and take it back with us. 

Easy to use cash registers

We operate on the honor system, no inventory to keep track of. That means fewer lines and fewer frustrated volunteers.

Titles available online are award nominees

We've collected award nominees from all 50 states to feature online. We do our best to filter out objectionable material, but still offer thousands of great books to choose for your library or have out of town family buy for their students.

Most books at the book fair are discounted. Some up to 75% off of retail!

Blue Ribbon strives to bring the best books at the best prices. Look for the mark down stickers on books, you'll be amazed at the prices. 

Supporters can purchase prepaid gift certificates for students

Your school will receive a landing page with details about the book fair. On the page are links for purchasing gift certificates your students can use at the fair. 

Anything Else?

  • Use your credit to choose books from thousands of award nominated titles. New for 2022-2023, use your credit to purchase library bound class sets from Mid America Books.
  • Blue Ribbon uses a mixture of unique carts and tables to create a book store atmosphere at your school.
  • Each set up is customized - from small classrooms to big gyms.
  • Free promotional posters and parent letters.
  • Free access to Readola's professionally crafted reading curriculum and lesson plans.
  • Titles from multiple publishers, we don't promote our own published works.
  • Schedule now and receive a Scout costume to promote the book fair! 

What's Not Included?

Material you find objectionable! Who decides that? You do! Contact us for more information and to reserve your dates.

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Blue Ribbon Book Fairs is one of the last independent book fair companies. Blue Ribbon joins Readola to combine full service with award nominated books. Blue Ribbon and Readola bring your school family friendly book fairs, with content you control! 


Each Blue Ribbon Book Fair includes:

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 safari-scout-final.png Kids love Scout - teachers and parents will, too!detective-scout.png 



Blue Ribbon Book Fair highlights:

  • Free set up & pack up.
  • Customized set up (cart and table mix) for your available space. Some schools choose all carts so they can easily move the fair from classroom to gym.
  • Teacher Discounts (off the lowest discounted price).
  • STEM and STEAM categories in every fair - Natural World, Future Tech, Applied Science plus Art & Design.
  • You say NO JUNK, we'll send you NO JUNK.
  • Easy to use cash registers. No need to track inventory. Makes for shorter lines and less frustrated volunteers.
  • Most books at the book fair are discounted. Some up to 75% off of retail!
  • Supporters can purchase prepaid gift certificates for students. (Like a digital wallet)
  • Your school will receive a complimentary landing page with details about the book fair and instructions how to purchase digital gift certificates.
  • Use your credit to choose books from thousands of titles. New for 2022-2023, use your credit to purchase library bound class sets from Mid America Books.
  • Free promotional posters and parent letters.
  • Free access to Readola's professionally crafted reading curriculum and lesson plans.
  • Titles from multiple publishers, we don't promote our own published works. Upon request, we include titles from the top Christian publishers. 
  • Free use of our Scout the Reading Retriever costume (as available) to promote the book fair!
  • NO PRESSURE! I can't believe how some companies treat schools. It's our privilege to be in your building. We'll always treat you, your staff, your families and your students with respect.


More than just a way to raise money for your school, Blue Ribbon offers Readola, an open resource reading solution replacing expensive, complicated, and outdated curriculum packages that trap schools into long-term expense. No more storage rooms filled with outdated workbooks! Readola includes curated data your staff can use to identify existing resources in your classrooms and library. Readola is a step to sustainability for your school and preserves dwindling budgets. Sustainability + affordability!

How can a fundraiser replace curriculum purchases? Readola Unites allows unlimited access to the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection for all faculty and students. Readola Unites can be accessed from all devices and requires no special hardware. Readola Unites gives you access to relevant and exciting lesson plans to help enhance your classroom. Readola Unites also includes useful tools for: 

  • STEM + Non Fiction
  • Sustainability Goals
  • Using Lexiles Guide + Conversion Charts
  • Student Research + Grant Writing with the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection (best utilization of resources, community outreach)
  • 21 Questions About a Book
  • Books On Tour Map and Guide + Individual State Maps
  • Social Studies + Common Core Compatibility
  • Rewarding Reading 

We want to be the first bookfair choice for elementary schools, Catholic schools and Christian schools in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin and Missouri.


Take your book fair to the next level - add a Readola Book-A-Thon!

Unlike old-fashioned fundraisers, Readola Book-A-Thons work hand in hand with your mission to create lifelong readers. And what other fundraiser returns 100% of the proceeds to your classroom, school or organization with the best children's literature available today! Find out more about Book-a-Thons.



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**Readola now offers simple Funding Drives for your school or non-profit, free of charge! Send a donation link via email, social media or text and receive 100% of all donations back in Reading Rewards! (Sample Page)

Even if you don't need to host a Book-a-Thon fundraiser, you can request a no obligation quote and bring Readola Unites to your school.

Why should you partner with Readola instead of just doing a readathon of your own? We encourage you to host a readathon/book-a-thon, either with Readola or on your own. Here's some reasons why you should consider Readola

By rewarding reading, friends and family are dedicating donations to what matters most; helping kids become lifelong learners! Supporters make a small (or big!) donation for each book completed off of the student's Reading Roadmap. It's that simple... Readola Book-A-Thons really are Self Funding Curriculum! All students can participate!

What are Donation Dogs? Donation Dogs are a way for families and community organizations to make a contribution to the school for literacy improvement. Your student receives a certificate for each $10 donated on their behalf. Visit the Donation Portal for more details.

Readola Unites Schools and Communities

Every Readola event includes Scout, your Virtual Library Assistant. Scout unites the expertise of thousands of educators with flexible and affordable learning tools easily customized for each classroom. Scout works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, perfect for remote learning environments. Combining the knowledge and experience of reading specialists nationwide, Readola is an invaluable resource to schools with limited library resources.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page for more details. Ready to begin your reading adventure? Let's Go!

Readola Unites is an open resource reading plan for your entire district, school, or individual classroom. Our flexible and affordable site-license programs feature a variety of benefits for users, IT department staff, administrators, instructors and students.

Most titles in the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection are available as eBooks!

Integrate Readola with eBook services such as Sora.



Faculty - Ideas You'll Enjoy, Support You Deserve

Readola's Virtual Library Assistant is available to support you 24/7. Choose Readola Unites for a scientifically proven way of improving learning. Customize your plan with any combination of Readola products. Need to purchase books for your classroom? Get great discounts off of the best in award winning literature. Free lesson plans and ideas.

Access from School or Home - Cloud based licenses available for work and home use. Collaborate using the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection and Reading Roadmaps wherever and whenever you need them.

One Program, Multiple Uses - Powered by the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection, Readola Unites save time by utilizing existing materials readily available in libraries, classrooms, ebook services and even at home. The Blue Ribbon Awards Collection is also the perfect place to begin research projects and course creation.

Get Up and Running Right Away - Quickly access the Readola System without the need to memorize, track, or manage licensing information individually or for your classroom.

Add Your Own Expertise - Submit your own Lesson Plans based on Readola and the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection. Gain free access, exclusive content, and share in revenue generated by your materials.

Request More Information

Administrators - Save Money, Maximize Access

Readola Unites saves money by consolidating individual curriculum purchases across a wide variety of departments to reduce per-user cost and expand access. Use existing ebook services and library inventory. Avoid costly workbook purchases tied into proprietary learning systems. Maximize your library budget with exclusive Readola discounts. Empower your staff and volunteers with our Virtual Library Assistant; combining the knowledge of thousands of educators into one easy to use tool.

Facilitate Collaboration and Innovation - Readola Unites provides the tools that inspire readers to be future leaders. Help shape student discoveries with cross-curriculum tools. Teachers and students explore new worlds from the comfort of a book. Uniform access gives users tools to collaborate with colleagues and peers around the district and the country.

Minimize Loss of Investment - Using off the shelf materials hedge your budgets against out of date curriculum. No more purchases of proprietary workbooks designed to lock you into perpetual purchases. Get your storage rooms back by pitching those stacks of expensive publisher promoted systems. Readola uses texts already in most libraries. No more stacks of obsolete text books and workbooks! Use ready made lesson plans available through Readola, or find thousands more available online. Books in the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection are timeless - so no need to purchase new materials every few years!

For school and district wide programs, all reference to donations or purchasing can be removed. When students add titles to their Reading Roadmaps, there is no shopping cart or listed price, eliminating any confusion about the purpose of building a Reading Roadmap.

However, if requested, Readola provides the tools you need to make your entire media center self funding.

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Instructors - Save Money, Maximize Access

Bring the knowledge base of reading professionals from around the country into your home classroom. Consolidate individual curriculum purchases by creating a true common core experience. Use books from public libraries or perhaps even in the home.

Protect Your Data - Readola is not owned by a publishing company or big data organization. We do not sell student information and we do not build user profiles.

Facilitate Collaboration and Innovation - Connect your student with their great literature from around the country, all from the comfort and safety of your home. Give them a tour of different backgrounds and cultures, take them on an adventure through the world of STEM, and track their progress in a fun system designed to challenge and inspire.

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IT Departments - Easy Integration

Easily integrate Readola Unites into your technology portfolio—whether you plan to use them as desktop applications or remote learning—with support for all major operating systems, web browsers, and mobile devices. Web based, no downloads required.

Replace Niche Technology - Rather than purchasing specialized software for each grade or discipline, Readola Unites allows a variety of departments to replace niche software packages and save money.

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Readola Unites Toolbox:

Lesson plans and curriculum tips that integrate the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection with some of today's most relevant topics:

  • Diversity
  • STEM
  • Literacy
  • Core Curriculum Concepts

You'll receive the tools you need to match students with the correct titles:

  • Using Lexiles
  • Time Scale
  • Lexile Conversion Chart
  • 21 Questions About a Book
  • Rewarding Reading

Added benefits to help your school and community:

  • Student Research
  • Grant Writing with the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection (best utilization of resources, community outreach)

Explore America with the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection:

  • Books On Tour Map and Guide
  • Individual State Maps & Titles
  • Social Studies Integration




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