Readola offers you multiple ways to support your student and your school. 


We understand the pressure that library (and all school) budgets face. That's why Readola returns 100% of all donations to your school in Readola Rewards! Every donation, large or small, goes a long ways toward providing the best in children's literature to your school. When you purchase a Donation Dog, the student you designate will receive a certificate via email. With each Donation Dog, the student is encouraged to read one hour in exchange for your donation. Please select a donation amount from the Donation Portal and look for the Donation Dogs. 


purchase-a-gift-certificate3.jpgPurchase a gift certificate for your student Make sure to put the correct Promotion Code in the appropriate field (your student should have that code included in their note to you). Plus, it's very important for you to include an encouraging note in the Personal Message field.  Let them know how proud you are of them reading and helping their school. We believe reading takes you places... Ready to go? PURCHASE a gift certificate! 



Teacher Reading Roadmap (Wishlist) Gift Certificates - Please help your student's classroom by purchasing a gift certificate for their teacher.