The Readola Reading System creates a Reading Roadmap from the Blue Ribbon Books Award Collection to create a customized reading improvement plan for each student.

What makes Readola different?

 · Matches students with level appropriate, award winning books. 

· Supports original Common Core objectives.

· Works with eBooks and traditional books.

· Protects limited staff time, plus all staff receive discounts.

· Individual classrooms, entire grade or school wide adaptability.

· Reading Rewards benefit individual students, staff and school.

· Parents, family and community supporters feel good about encouraging reading.

· Monthly updates keeps positive momentum for district wide reading initiatives.

· Encourages students to engage in books from other communities in a wide range of interests.‚Äč                                              

Readola doesn't require weeks of specialized training for your staff. Save precious classroom time with a true turn key program utilizing off the shelf (literally) materials. No extra purchases necessary for textbooks, workbooks or online readers.

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