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REWARDS - Readola offers a great set of options for your Reading Rewards. 

JUNK? - Light up whistles and slime are fun at carnivals. We prefer to focus on books at the book fair! 

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY - Readola provides the tools you need to have a Book Fair, not just a book sale. A Fair is a celebration of reading, not just a place to purchase books (or pens, toys, posters, comic books, etc). Readola makes recommendations for great titles. If a student finds that book in the library, great! If families swap titles back and forth, that's great too! Finally, if the family wishes to purchase the book for their student, we make that option available. How does a school earn rewards without student purchases? There are opportunities for donations and gift certificates built into Readola. The request is made - for those that are able - to make a donation they deem suitable. Have questions? We're here to help guide you. 

KIDS LOVE SCOUT! - Scout is Readola's Reading Retriever. Scout searches thousands of award nominated books to find high quality titles in a student's reading level. There's nothing artificial about Scout's intelligence. He's been trained by the brightest minds in education!


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