Gross and Ghastly Animal Facts

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Product Overview

Get ready to have your mind blown with a big book of disgusting animal facts. An alternative animal factbook perfect for kids ages 6-9 that love any gross and bizarre facts.

Go on a stomach-churning journey exploring the gross and ghastly animal kingdom. Packed full of facts, puzzles and games, which will guarantee young readers learn something exciting about their favorite animals.

Gross and Ghastly:Animals has pages filled with fun and educational information about the animal kingdom:

   • Funny text and beautiful illustrations make this educational book easy for adults and children to read together.
   • Exciting and funny facts about some of your favorite animals.  
   • Several interactive activities, such as quizzes and puzzles. 
   • Written and illustrated by popular, upcoming author Kev Payne. 

Did you know that some creepy crawlies use their poop as a shield so that they don’t get eaten? Can you guess how much of your life will you spend on the toilet? Discover a hilarious collection of more than 150 weird and wonderful facts about the animal kingdom and the human body with these two Gross and Gastly children’s books.

Gross and Ghastly: Animals focuses on a range of animals, from creepy critters to foul fish, and what makes them so truly terrible! Gross and Ghastly: Human Body focuses on everything truly terrible that happens to us and investigates why our bodies can be so disgusting.

Paired with delightfully disgusting illustrations, this series of picture books from DK are perfect for children ages 6-9 who love all things gross and ghastly!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review