Welcome to Readola Book Fairs

A truly non-commercial book fair with unbiased recommendations and award nominated titles. 

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Get $100 in free lesson plans and curriculum units for scheduling a Readola Book Fair. 

Plus, your school receives a complimentary landing page customized to your event!




Readola takes the time to search for books nominated for awards. Are best sellers available? Sure, but only titles that have been nominated for an award are in the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection. Graphic novels, fiction, non-fiction, STEM... A huge variety of award nominated titles available for students of all ages and abilities. Readola isn't a publisher, so we're not pushing our own titles to your students. 

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Scout is Readola's Reading Retreiver. Scout searches thousands of award nominated books to find high quality titles in a student's reading level. There's nothing artificial about Scout's intelligence. He's been trained by the brightest minds in education!


Readola Virtual book fairs use the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection, which is organized by Lexile level. Lexiles help determine a student's reading level. Instead of recommending a book based on age, Readola matches reading levels with student interests. 


Your school has a wide range of grades, reading levels, interests, backgrounds and abilities. Instead of a one size fits all book fair, Readola allows teachers and staff to create specific title lists to emphasize categories and units. Students and their families aren't restricted to the lists provided, but teacher focused Reading Roadmaps are a great place to start - especially for friends and family who want to purchase books as gifts for their favorite student. Here's something else, if your entire school doesn't want to run a book fair, but just a few classrooms do, that's perfectly fine!


There's nothing to set up, just contact us to receive your school's code and a promotional packet to let everyone know about the book fair. 


We reward the efforts your staff makes on behalf or students and their community. Readola provides free lesson plans utilizing the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection. Plus, we provide families a chance to pre-purchase Teacher Wishlist gift certificates.


Readola features a large selection of STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) focused titles. All titles included are award nominees, selected for their quality!


Readola partner schools receive exclusive access to the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection. Every student can build a complimentary Reading Roadmap from over 3000 titles - each nominated for at least one state award from around the country. There's no purchase necessary. Teachers and their students can use this curriculum to update their progress all year.



Every year, educators from across the country nominate great books for their respective state's award program. For each state, we've compiled the most recent list of titles for you to explore. Make sure to look for the Lexile Level next to the title, and start your Books on Tour Challenge - Read one book from each state's list! (NOTE: Free registration required to view the Books on Tour list) 


Readola offers a great set of options for your Reading Rewards. 


Light up whistles and slime are fun at carnivals. We prefer to focus on books at the book fair! 


Readola provides the tools you need to have a Book Fair, not just a book sale. A Fair is a celebration of reading, not just a place to purchase books (or pens, toys, posters, comic books, etc). Readola makes recommendations for great titles. If a student finds that book in the library, great! If families swap titles back and forth, that's great too! Finally, if the family wishes to purchase the book for their student, we make that option available.

How does a school earn rewards without student purchases? There are opportunities for donations and gift certificates built into Readola. The request is made - for those that are able - to make a donation they deem suitable. Have questions? We're here to help guide you.


So what happens next? Contact us to get your Start Up Kit. Be ready in just a few minutes to start your Reading Adventure!