Book Fair Sponsor Guide

Readola offers personalized parent letters, posters and other important material to make your event a success. A detailed Chairperson Workbook is available upon request.

Online Form to calculate sales (Final Sales Report)

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For those wishing to conduct a virtual book fair, details are included below. Having trouble reading this on your phone? Here's a text only version. Please contact us for a PDF.


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Frequently asked questions about Readola and Classroom Connections

Why can't I see any books listed? How do I know what books are included in the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection?

We ask that everyone register to access the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection. Once your account has been verified, you will have 100% access to all titles, updates of new lists, unlimited Reading Roadmaps and complimentary customer support.

How much does it cost our school to use the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection?

All Readola Book Fairs and Book-A-Thons include complimentary access to the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection!


Is Readola owned by a publishing company? How do we know your recommendations are unbiased?

Readola has zero financial interest in any title listed. Readola owns none of the titles listed, so all recommendations are unbiased and based on a specific criteria.

Why do you use Lexiles for grouping reading levels?

Lexiles are a widely used method, easily convertible into other standards. Instead of broad age groupings, Readola aims to provide students and their families with targeted recommendations. If you prefer to select titles by grade level, or another assessment type, feel free to use our handy Conversion Chart. 

 What age groups is Readola geared towards?

All age groups. More importantly, all reading levels. 

Our school is going to all digital format. How does that work with Readola?

Titles in the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection are commonly available via electronic format. Widely used ebook services likely have most titles available. How do you raise money with ebooks in your book fair? Ask for a small donation per book or per hour read. Donation Portal

Are there any non-fiction titles?

The Blue Ribbon Awards Collection, the titles Readola is based on, features numerous non-fiction and STEM related books. Included are the National Science Teacher's Association top STEM titles.

My students don't like what they consider "heavy literature". What's available for them?

One of the many advantages of Readola is the broad selection for all interests and abilities. Do your student's like graphic novels? There's a large selection of the best. Non-fiction, too.

My school isn't interested in adopting Readola right now. Can I adopt Readola for just my classroom?

Absolutely. Classroom Connections is our teacher focused program that allows you to feature the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection while earning credit for individual classrooms. A topflight curriculum that is self funding!

What are Donation Dogs? How are they different than gift certificates?

Gift certificates are an opportunity for family (or sponsors) to purchase a book for their student. And remember, every book is an award nominee! Donation Dogs are a way for families and community organizations to make a contribution to the school for literacy improvement. 



 How does our school make Readola self funding curriculum?

Readola brings in outside money by encouraging willing sponsors to purchase gift certificates for students to purchase books (via virtual book fairs or Classroom Connections) from the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection. Sponsors can also make donations based on hours read or books read - even ebooks! Readola provides your group a customized landing page with an introduction and instructions. There's zero cost to set up your school!

We're already running a book fair.

No problem! Readola doesn't require your school to work with us exclusively. Because Readola features a specific set of award nominated titles - a set that likely doesn't appear on your current book fair - our book fairs are a great addition to the commercial heavy book fair you're currently supporting. More options for your staff, students and their families!