Super Slime

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Product Overview

The most incredible and gooiest trend that's taking the internet by storm - Slime! This activity book for kids contains over 30 squishy innovative recipes that are gross, sparkly, even smelly, for lots of fun!

Learn everything you'll need to know about slime-making. Take inexpensive, accessible, safe materials and turn them into a fun day of crafting with a kids' activity book perfect for all ages.

Customize incredible Halloween and Christmas-themed slimes, set off a slime avalanche, and create slime from unexpected everyday ingredients such as a banana and even toothpaste.

Slime is so versatile!

Every project is easy to follow, with detailed step-by-step instructions, photographs, and spectacular images to show you what your "slimelicious" final product should look like. Recipe variations provide an opportunity to put your own fun twist on the activities and information boxes explain the science behind the slime with astonishing fun facts to boot.

Children will adore making and playing with these super slimes. Warning - playing with this squidgy, gloopy, gooey substance is incredibly addictive, no matter how old you are!

Right from the get-go Super Slime lists the inexpensive ingredients you'll need to work through the book. Each slime recipe also comes with a time expectation on how long it should take and a difficulty level so you can plan your crafting accordingly.

As a bonus, it comes with a great section on storage, clean-up, and some extra hints and tips for more fun!

Get Gross, Sparkly, Or Festive!

Each recipe in Super Slime is thoroughly tested and uses safe, accessible ingredients. With so many options and vast variations online, it's comforting to know that your slime will come out perfect every time!

Enjoy creating some of this spectacularly squishy stuff:

- Slime you can draw on
- Playdough slime
- Slime stress balls
- Color changing slime
- And much, much more!

Start making slime today!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review