Suggested Reading Levels by Grade

We encourage everyone to select books by Reading Level instead of Grade or Age. You wouldn't buy your student a shoe based on grade, you'd have them try on different sizes. The same with books. Readola provides the tools you need to find the right fit. For situations where you can't measure your student's level, here's a great place to start with approximate levels by grade. (Scroll down for full chart) Please remember your student's ability and interest can easily cross into levels slightly above and below their assessment or age. 

One other quick note. If you're wondering why some picture books are in middle grade reading levels, or some graphic novels are in the lower grade levels, remember that titles are grouped by the difficulty of the text. Some picture books have lots of text and more difficult words, many graphic novels focus on the illustrations with little or simple text. The most important aspect is for kids to find books they're comfortable with and then start challenging them to improve!

K-2nd Grade

100-level-readola.png  200-level-readola.png  300-level-readola.png stem-level-readola.png

2nd - 3rd Grade

300-level-readola.png 400-level-readola.png 500-level-readola.png 600-level-readola.png stem-level-readola.png

3rd - 4th Grade

500-level-readola.png  600-level-readola.png  700-level-readola.png 800-level-button.png stem-level-readola.png


(Please note, some higher level books have advanced content. Please review student selections.)

700-level-readola.png  800-level-button.png 900-level-button.png 1000-level-button.png  stem-level-readola.png

7th - 8th Grade

800-level-button.png 900-level-button.png 1000-level-button.png 1100-level-button.png stem-level-readola.png

9th Grade and Up (Young Adult)

900-level-button.png 1000-level-button.png 1100-level-button.png 1200-level-button.png 1300-1500-level-button.png



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