Readola is proud to introduce you to Scout - your Reading Retriever! Scout searches the best in children's literature from the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection and retrieves books in a student's reading level. There's nothing artificial about Scout's intelligence! Organized in an easy to use format - like a virtual librarian right there in your home, classroom or school - Scout utilizes the expertise of real life reading professionals from around America to create tailored recommendations for every reader.

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Scout is the foundation for the Readola Reading System, Blue Ribbon's initiative to save your precious budget dollars by combining multiple curriculum packages into one. Readola shows you how to utilize existing resources and materials to build a multi-discipline curriculum that serves students of all ages and abilities. Huge discounts available for school-wide programs!

Readola works for everyone from individual families to the largest schools. New teachers will appreciate a place to start building their reading curriculum. Do your veteran teachers have the time to keep up with the latest book titles? Probably not, so let Readola be their guide. The Blue Ribbon Awards Collection is updated monthly, so Readola is always on the cutting edge of literature.

What makes the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection unique? Each of the over 3000 titles have been nominated for at least one reading award. By compiling award lists from around the country, Blue Ribbon offers the combined knowledge of thousands of reading professionals in one simple, easy to use resource; like a professional librarian in your home or classroom! (Register to review samples of included titles)

By surrounding students with great books at school and home our goal is to help educators and parents raise literacy levels around the country.


What makes Readola different?


· Matches students with level appropriate, award winning books. 

· Supports original Common Core objectives.

· Works with eBooks and traditional books.

· Protects limited staff time, plus all staff receive discounts.

· Individual classrooms, entire grade or school wide adaptability.

· Reading Rewards benefit individual students, staff and school.

· Parents, family and community supporters feel good about encouraging reading.

· Monthly updates keeps positive momentum for district wide reading initiatives.

· Encourages students to engage in books from other communities in a wide range of interests.‚Äč


Getting Started


Readola doesn't require weeks of specialized training for your staff. Save precious classroom time with a true turn key program utilizing off the shelf (literally) materials. No extra purchases necessary for textbooks, workbooks or online readers.

One of the most important steps to getting the most out of Readola is to create your Reading Roadmap. Reading Roadmaps are a kind of wish list - a list of books a student wants to read. As students progress in aptitude, Reading Roadmaps are updated with titles from higher reading levels.


  1. Create your profile.
  2. Build your own Recommended Reading Roadmap from the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection. Then help your students build theirs.
  3. Make sure to click the box to make your list public so students and families can explore your Roadmap (a classroom recommended reading list).
  4. Do your students know their Lexile reading levels? Total Reader offers free assessments. There are conversion charts for other reading level assessments.
  5. If you choose, you can communicate the link to your classroom community.