Individual & Organization Licensing

Whether you're licensing Readola for your entire district, school, or classroom, you're sure to find a plan that fits your needs. Our flexible and affordable volume-purchase and site-license programs feature a variety of benefits for users, IT department staff, administrators, teachers and parents.


Ideas You'll Enjoy, Support You Deserve

Choose Readola Classroom for a scientifically proven way of improving learning. Customize your plan with any combination of Readola products. Need to purchase books for your classroom? Get great discounts off of the best in award winning literature. Free lesson plans and ideas.

Access from School or Home

Cloud based licenses available for work and home use. Collaborate using the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection and Reading Roadmaps wherever and whenever you need them.

One Program, Multiple Uses

Powered by the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection, Readola products save time by utilizing existing materials readily available in libraries, classrooms, ebook services and even at home.

Get Up and Running Right Away

Quickly access the Readola System without the need to memorize, track, or manage licensing information individually or for your classroom.

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Save Money, Maximize Access

Readola saves money by consolidating individual curriculum purchases across a wide variety of departments to reduce per-user cost and expand access. Use existing ebook services and library inventory. Avoid costly workbook purchases tied into proprietary learning systems. Maximize your library budget with exclusive Readola discounts. Empower your staff with our Virtual Library Assistant; combining the knowledge of thousands of educators into one easy to use tool.

Facilitate Collaboration and Innovation

Readola provides the tools that inspire readers to be future leaders. Help shape student discoveries with cross-curriculum tools. Teachers and students explore new worlds from the comfort of a book. Uniform access gives users tools to collaborate with colleagues and peers.

Minimize Loss of Investment

Off the shelf materials hedge your budgets against out of date curriculum. No more purchases of proprietary workbooks designed to lock you into perpetual purchases. Get your storage rooms back by pitching those stacks of expensive, obsolete publisher promoted systems.

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Save Money, Maximize Access

Bring the knowledge base of reading professionals from around the country into your home classroom. Consolidate individual curriculum purchases by creating a true common core experience. Use books from public libraries or perhaps even in the home.

Protect Your Data

Readola is not owned by a publishing company or big data organization. We do not sell student information and we do not build user profiles.

Facilitate Collaboration and Innovation

Connect your student with their great literature from around the country, all from the comfort and safety of your home. Give them a tour of different backgrounds and cultures, take them on an adventure through the world of STEM, and track their progress in a fun system designed to challenge and inspire.

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IT Departments

Easy Integration

Easily integrate Readola into your technology portfolio—whether you plan to use them as desktop applications or remote learning—with support for all major operating systems, web browsers, and mobile devices. Web based, no downloads required.

Replace Niche Technology

Rather than purchasing specialized software for each grade or discipline, Readola can be used in a variety of departments, allowing you to replace niche software packages and save money.

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